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Photographed by Kris Askey

Anonymous: okay um hi i've never done this before but can i request a background edit for the desktop things that you do?? what information do you need for it??

Yes you can! I just need the picture, so you can SUBMIT it to me, or you can SUBMIT the link to the picture (done on a computer)

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Anonymous: How do i tell my mom that i met my best friend on tumblr/ the internet and get her to let us meet. Bc we live really far away from eachother (Texas and Illinois) and i feel like my mom would freak out if she knew i talked to people on the internet. But my tumblr friend is my best friend and i would give anything to meet her irl

You could say you know each other through a friend? And dude my best friend and I live in the same states as you and your friend

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Anonymous: i want a thong to match lukes ninja turtle boxers pls

Get one!!!!

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Anonymous: This guy that i really liked and was my best friend is such a dick and he wont leave me alone and he knew about me cutting and found iut i started again and he thinks its gonna solve the problem that if i cut again he wont talk to me? Like whats his problem? its making me really upset help

Is that the only reason that he’s a dick? I mean I know if someone said that to me while I was struggling with cutting last year, I’d hate them. He’s probably just trying to help you, but yes I know it’s a stupid way to do it. I’m sorry babe :/

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Out Of My Limit | 104.7 Kiss FM

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Anonymous: Wait how do you know when Jacks birthday is?

Liz :-)

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5 Seconds Of Summer perform Amnesia at the 104.7 Kiss FM studio

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luke had this as his twitter icon but then changed it to a different picture a couple seconds later.

Jack Hemming’s birthday is September 20th, 1993.

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